A digital coach to guide teams through change

SHIFT's digital coach helps teams continuously learn, adapt and improve together

Help your teams achieve incredible results

You know an outperforming team when you see it. These teams:

  • Trust one another, share information and pick up slack
  • Hold themselves accountable and give honest feedback
  • Are nimble to change and support each other through the growing pains

Global leaders build exceptional teams with SHIFT

5,000+ managers use SHIFT to empower their teams

Help your teams thrive through change

SHIFT’s digital coach guides teams along a continuous improvement cycle and helps them change together - be it to be more agile, adopt a new culture or adjust to new ways of working.

Step 2: Converge

Uncover the invisible barriers that hold your team back

Uncover blindspots, drive consideration of others' points of view and identify where change is needed with our patented diagnostic and custom discussion guides.

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Step 1: Understand

High trust teams are self-aware

Understand your team's diverse perspectives, work styles and motivations, then make cognitive diversity your strength.

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Step 4: Improve

Change is easier together

Normalize feedback by inviting frequent and timely bite-sized feedback that builds over time.

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Step 3: Commit

Lasting change requires commitment

Apply research-based custom recommendations to set shared goals. Track micro-habits, set-up nudges and invite feedback to progress as a team.

Learn about Habit
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Tools in Action

SHIFT's digital tools are:

Real-time and actionable

Know what is happening on your team now and get actionable insights for how to address it


Unlike prohibitively expensive traditional coaches, SHIFT makes team effectiveness accessible for your entire organization


Insights and custom guidance are backed by leading research and behavioral models


Customize to reflect your unique organizational priorities and values


Quick, intuitive and contextually relevant

Help your team thrive through change

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SHIFT's digital coach is designed for:


With real-time insights and custom guidance, understand where and how to take action to support your team through change.


Move from episodic to continuous team development. Tap into custom resources to make your team's behavior change an ongoing practice.


Embrace change together - it may just be the most energizing, high growth and fulfilling experience of your career.

At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.