Help your transformation succeed at scale

Shift helps organizations scale meaningful change - to be agile, build a new culture or adopt new ways of working.

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of transformations


fail due to employee resistance


fail due to poor management

Transformations hinge on behavior change that sticks

Shift's digital transformation platform is customizable to your change program, and will bring it to life for every employee.

Embed new mindsets at scale

Customize Shift's behavior change platform with the specifics of your change program, so that every employee, anywhere in the company, can bring it life for themselves.

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Make change social

Make change stick by making it social. Shift's platform is designed around digital experiences for teams, so that people can change, together.

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Sustain behavior change

Commit and track micro-habits. With custom nudges and the ability to make commitments public, your teams will feel greater accountability to stick to new habits.

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