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Is your company in the midst of a meaningful transformation?


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Change is hard

Most change programs start strong, with exciting new mindsets and behaviors, and innovative training programs for top leaders. But without ways to reach middle managers and front line employees, and to help them make the change aspirations real, energy quickly dies.

Digital tools for a transformed world

SHIFT's tools help you translate your company's transformation aspirations into meaningful goals for every leader and team.

Why Choose SHIFT?

Engage Everyone

Transformations need to reach everyone. SHIFT's tools will make your change meaningful to each employee. Teams around the world use Align to foster discussion about culture change.

Fully Customizable

SHIFT's platform is easily customized to reflect your organization's unique change goals. Leverage our tools to build a consistent vocabulary and shared understanding of the change you're working together to create.

Measure and Adapt

Transformations are iterative. SHIFT's tools equip you with the insights you need to track and tweak your change program. Identify 'hot spots' and double down to overcome your biggest barriers.

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