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Accelerate team effectiveness

SHIFT's digital coach guides teams along a continuous improvement cycle.


of work is team-based


of people believe teamwork is very important


of leaders are not ready for team-centric working

The best companies are made up of motivated high performing teams

The best companies are made up of motivated high performing teams

SHIFT helps teams better understand one another, align on goals
and hold each other accountable.

Understand one another

Build trust, empathy and understanding
Unlock comparative insights to reveal blind spots
Access custom guidance to make differences your strengths
Understand one another with

Align teams

Uncover underlying assumptions and attitudes 
Guide meaningful discussions that drive alignment
Apply real-time actionable insights to reorient the team
Establish a shared vision

Adopt new behaviors that actually stick

Build accountability by setting shared goals and micro-habits
Customize nudges
Support behavior change with continuous feedback
Drive behavior change with

Foster a team feedback culture

Invite ongoing feedback that is immediately relevant
Focus on bite-sized feedback
Role model asking for, listening to and incorporating feedback
Build your feedback practice

Listen To Our Podcast

Listen To Our Podcast