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Build an organization grounded in continuous learning

Move learning from episodic to continuous by weaving it into everyday work.


of traditional learning is not used


of L&D spend fails to deliver results


of employees require upskilling

The world's largest companies use SHIFT to build better cultures & performance

According to the Harvard Business Review, SHIFT revolutionizes learning.

“SHIFT provides leaders with a fabric of interactive activities that emphasize mutual feedback and allow for learning on the job while doing the work they always do.”

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Foster change champions by engaging every employee in a meaningful way

Start with self-awareness

Build an understanding of one’s self and team members - what everyone values and how they work
Commit to developmental goals in working as a team 
Learn about each other, and improve as a group
Grow through self-awareness with Perspective

 Learn how to lead teams through change at scale

Tap into custom guides to facilitate open and honest conversations to drive team alignment
Leverage structured tools to assist teams through learning, with recommendations along the way
Develop decision-making skills through an intuitive platform
Refine your leadership skills with

Put feedback at the heart of your learning

Invite frequent feedback that is contextually relevant to make ongoing adjustments
Improve culture by developing a feedback loop
Teach your teams how to give and receive feedback effectively
Invite actionable feedback with

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Listen To Our Podcast