Talent Wins: Putting People First

In this interview, Dom says 'talent' is finally having its moment in the spotlight. The war for talent is intense, and with people being the linchpin in the success of every transformation, it’s no longer optional for the c-suite to push talent to the bottom of the agenda. Much like how the role of the CFO catapulted in importance with the advent of spreadsheets and financial modeling, the trajectory of CHRO is quickening as talent data becomes increasingly valuable.

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Talent Wins: Putting People First

Dom had many insights to share, but the ones that really got me thinking were:

Sources of talent: Many organizations have tunnel vision when it comes to talent sources, waging an intense war for Ivy League talent instead of looking more broadly to tap new sources.

Critical role analysis: Leaders need to think critically about what characteristics and specific skills are required to excel in each role. The old adage of promoting people who ‘deserve it’ or because they’ve ‘got a good personality’ won't stand in organizations of the future.

Linking talent to value creation: Depending on an organization’s changing priorities, certain roles are going to drive disproportionate value. Leaders need to be courageous about identifying these critical roles and teams, and investing in their success.

Leveraging tools to assess culture: Organizations have hesitated to put rigor around people and talent. However, if leaders are committed to driving culture change, the role of measurement tools and talent data can no longer be ignored.

Radical shifts in ‘HR’:  Dom suggests transferring all HR administrative tasks, such as payroll and benefits, to the CFO. This will purposefully allow the CHRO to focus on purely strategic talent problems.

A big thank you to Dom for spending time with us and the team at SHIFT.

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