Gender Diversity: Why Progressive CEOs Will Win ‘The Future’

Parker had the pleasure of meeting Avivah in London last year and she impressed him with how easily she simplifies the complicated topic of diversity. Avivah writes and speaks on the topic of gender diversity and advises some of the world’s biggest organizations on how they can create more gender bilingual and inclusive workplaces. You can find her Ted Talks and publications at www.

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Gender Diversity: Why Progressive CEOs Will Win ‘The Future’

Parker and Avivah explore how CEO’s are leaving their teams in the dust when it comes to gender diversity

I’m proud that SHIFT’s team is almost 50% women, but I know as we grow, I need to stay vigilant and ensure that gender diversity stays top of mind.

Progressive CEOs are diversity’s best friend but they are leaving their teams in the dust: CEOs who are chomping at the bit to make change on the diversity front often charge ahead without ensuring that the rest of the leadership team has made the necessary mindset shifts. CEOs need to pause and ensure that their teams are ready to change.

Don’t assume people get it: When you think everyone is on board, it’s important to pause and spend time educating your team or organization about diversity issues.

This is a highly regional challenge: It’s important to take your cultural context into account when thinking about interventions to increase gender diversity.

Focus on the dominant group and stop trying to ‘fix’ the women: Organizations that are becoming increasingly diverse have focused on the dominant group, by helping that group understand what it means to be more inclusive. They aren’t spending time on ‘fixing’ women with more training, more leadership programs and more networking in women’s groups.

The healthy 1/3: If you have 1/3 of the team on board and supporting the CEO, there is a real possibility of successfully moving the team and winning.

Feedback pushes the flywheel: As soon as leaders experiment with becoming more skilled at inclusive leadership, they often start receiving positive feedback and become more excited.

Engage the next generation: As men are increasingly becoming more involved in raising kids, there is a new leveling occurring. Organizations have an opportunity to take advantage of this shift to create cultures that more fully supports all employees.

Thanks Avivah for sitting down with us!

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