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Shift's Digital Coach allows you to scale your change programs and support every leader.

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New Tools for a New Way of Working

Our unique, patented tools combine diagnostics, deep analytics and built-in guidance, and offer integrated solutions that managers and teams love.

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Solutions for scale

Shift's digital coaching tools help global companies scale people and change programs while supporting every leader.

Build outperforming
teams with Shift

Teams are the new way of working. Shift is the only team-focused digital platform that coaches any leaders to lead any type of teams, better.

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Help your team thrive through change with Shift

We guide teams through the big changes - to be agile, adopt a new culture and adjust to new ways of working.

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The long tail of transformations

Transformations succeed when people adopt new mindsets & behaviors - and this takes time. Shift’s white-label change platform helps you ensure your transformation  sticks.

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Enterprise Ready

Shift has been chosen by leading companies and deployed at a global scale.

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"The Align team exercise is brilliant. The tool enables a team to immediately grasp their most important challenges, based on their own input. It is perhaps the most thrifty change management tool for teams I’ve ever seen—creating a big impact in very little time."

Tom Penningroth
Insight Group

"Everyone is being tested right now, but the stronger your team foundations, the better you are to handle what comes down the road, even if you can't predict it. Shift helps us get the foundations right."

Matthew Petrilla
Head of Team Intelligence,

“We need our teams and leaders to have accessible ways to improve how well they perform together. Shift creates a data driven and well structured way for teams to diagnose their issues, and come up with solutions”

Michael Hill Ph.D.
Director of Integrated Talent Management, Applied Materials

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Shift's podcast features leaders from world-class companies sharing how they think about teams, change, and leadership.