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This is our team, and this is the culture that our tools help companies create

We want to help millions of people work better together, and help enterprises build cultures where everyone can thrive.
If you believe that culture boils down to free lunches or beanbag chairs, we might not be the place for you.

If you think culture is about building teams where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where people trust one another, are able to have healthy conflict, are deeply open to feedback, want to grow, and take accountability to deliver meaningful contributions, then SHIFT might be for you.

What motivates us

We want to help enterprises foster cultures where everyone can thrive, learn, succeed, and bring the best of themselves, every day.

We’ve built a suite of tools that help people make this transition, and our tools support a multitude of transformation types, from broad culture transformations to a shift towards agile ways of working, and everything in between.

Our story

Our founder, Parker, knows teams. He built and led Engineers Without Borders and built an outstanding team-based culture there, tapping into the best practices of the day.

With stints at McKinsey and as deputy to the Co-CEO at Bridgewater Associates, he was able to see how other companies approached culture, and what worked well and what didn’t.

While most culture change depends on consultants and coaches, he saw an opportunity to build digital tools that distill the best practices in behavior science into simple tools that any manager or leader can use to build better teams.

Our suite of tools is designed to help people make a transition to a new, better way of working, and managers love them.

These tools mimic the best practices of facilitated coaching. They allow any leader and his or her team to identify what's holding them back, to learn how to improve, and to support each person as they learn and grow.

What it is like to be on our team

You’ll join a great team at the earliest stages and help us scale rapidly. As with any start-up, our day-to-day may change, but our bottom line promise to you is a high-feedback, high-growth environment where you will contribute a lot and learn quickly.

You will work with incredible people, have fun on the SHIFT adventure, and most importantly, make a difference to many individuals with our powerful products.

What we value

In a fast growing start-up, there’s nothing to hold you back. To deliver on our bottom line promise, we embrace and actively cultivate the following values:

Growth and development

We’re building digital tools that help people grow, because we believe in the power of personal growth. We want to work with people who are excited about furthering their own personal growth and development, while also helping others learn and grow alongside them.

Ownership and caring

We foster trust and we care for each other so that we can reap the benefits of transparency, candor and feedback. We ask everyone to care deeply about each and every one of our team’s goals and empower you to take ownership of achieving those goals.

Curiosity and self-awareness

We are deeply curious about ourselves and the world around us. Self-awareness is a competitive advantage, both for you as a person, and for us as a company. We know who we are and what we are trying to build, but we are not single-minded in achieving that.


We want you to be you, to be proud of the work you’re doing and how you show up when you’re doing it. We believe that people's potential is maximized when they feel authentically themselves. We strive to build an environment that values and celebrates each of our team member's unique characteristics and points of view.

Our approach

The SHIFT team is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We will be more successful, grow faster and achieve our highest potential when we work together as a cohesive unit.

Invite feedback and diverse perspectives

We actively and regularly solicit feedback and differing perspectives to problem-solve. We remain curious and question the status quo because we know that there is always room for improvement.

Fail fast

We value learning from our mistakes and creating a safe space to fail fast and expedite the learning loop.

Impact-focused and outcome-oriented

What if everyone had the opportunity to truly thrive at work? That’s the reality we’re building at SHIFT, for ourselves and our clients. We hold ourselves to high standards, but value getting work out the door in service of impacting our clients. We work hard and smart, so that we can efficiently meet our goals and then create new, bigger ones.

Collaborate and communicate

We value efficient, effective communication so that we can work seamlessly across functions, skill-sets, countries and continents.

Our Stage

We’re growing quickly, aiming to double our team every 9-12 months. We’re currently between 25-50 employees, mostly based out of Toronto, but also remote.

At this stage, everyone has immense responsibility and will materially contribute to SHIFT's success. We look for people who are excited by the opportunity to shape a function, to hone their craft with quick iterations, and to learn and grow.


The majority of our team is based in downtown Toronto (We the North!).


We want exceptional talent, and in some instances will offer remote employment (namely in engineering) to attract great people. In certain roles, we will consider global locations including New York, Berlin, Calgary, Montreal and potentially others.

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