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Organizations around the world are navigating extreme disruption and upheaval. Sudden and sweeping shifts to remote work, emerging hybrid working models, and the adoption of new ways of working are having profound impacts on teams. Never has the role for SHIFT been more clear or important.

SHIFT  builds digital tools to help every team achieve their full potential. Cohesion, trust, chemistry and communication are the critical elements that leaders and their teams need in place to learn, grow and perform together. Our powerful diagnostics, AI-driven development plans, digital coaching and more, SHIFT revolutionizes how teams, leaders and organizations improve and thrive.

SHIFT has received two rounds of venture funding and worked with hundreds of clients from Fortune 500s, like ExxonMobil and Applied Materials, to tech giants like Netflix and Airbnb, to fresh start-ups like ClearBanc.

Our S

SHIFT helps people and companies succeed at behaviour and culture change, creating better places to work.Our digital tools help individuals, teams and organizations overcome the invisible barriers to change and allow everyone to learn, grow, thrive and adapt.

Parker Mitchell started SHIFT in 2017. Having spent time at McKinsey and Bridgewater Associates, he learned how great companies prioritize and shape culture. He also founded and led Engineers Without Borders Canada, widely recognized for its outstanding team-based culture.

Since 2017, we have received two rounds of funding, grown our team significantly and achieved many business and client milestones along the way.

Our Values

SHIFT is a people powered culture. We’re in the business of helping teams work better together to power stronger organizational cultures. SHIFTers are at the core of that - they power SHIFT and in turn, our mission to help organizations have stronger cultures and teams. 

At SHIFT, we embrace and actively cultivate our values:

Why Work With Us?

Working with SHIFT is an opportunity to significantly contribute to the growth of our company and your career. We work hard and operate with a sense of urgency and ownership. We're looking for people excited about achieving our potential and tackling complex problems head on.

In addition to competitive compensation, equity, health benefits and an annual learning grant, we offer our team the opportunity to:

Learn from a seasoned entrepreneurial leadership team
Solve relevant, complex and uncharted business problems
Own projects, functions and strategic priorities in a high learning environment - regardless of seniority
Build relationships across sectors, functions and time zones in a supportive, people-first environment
Contribute to the evolution of teams by helping to refine our digital tools and products
The opportunity to work alongside a seasoned leadership team
Competitive compensation, equity and full health full benefits
Annual learning grant for professional development
Career growth opportunities
Team events and, lunch & learns

Our Teams


Our Product Managers and Product Designers create seamless and Inclusive solutions for our users and their teams. They are responsible for how our product works and how best to meet our clients' needs


Sales is the first point of contact with our enterprise clients. The team works collaboratively with our clients to discover how SHIFT's solutions can help drive their goals

Client Success

The Client Success team works closely with our customers to ensure they're maximizing the value of our tools


Marketing positions SHIFT as the system of record in culture change and transformation, establishes our voice as industry thought-leaders, and generates inbound interest in our tools


The Growth team connects with companies and people who would benefit from our tools and is responsible for generating leads. They make sure that Sales is set up to have meaningful conversations with prospective clients

People & Ops

People and Ops powers SHIFT’s growth by finding the best talent for our teams, ensuring our employees have everything they need to be successful and optimizing our business processes (the team wears many hats)


The Data team makes our tools smarter, allowing us to deliver valuable, personalized insights to our clients and their teams


Engineering  builds, runs, and supports our platform. They ensure that our product is the best it can be, our code base is clean, our servers are fast and our user data is secure. Side note: our engineering team is mostly remote and spans the world from the Philippines to South Africa to Toronto

From Our Teams

“Working for a company that offers services related to building effective teams means we at SHIFT try and live by what we’re selling, making the environment and people the greatest place I have ever worked. There is genuine care for colleagues and this care comes through in our work to our clients. Joining SHIFT has completely changed my opinion on how an effective company should work and function”


“I love working at SHIFT as I get to help big enterprises adapt their mindsets to foster better teamwork and culture while I get to work collaboratively with smart colleagues in such a friendly and supportive environment!”


“I love working at SHIFT because of the impact we have on the lives of users and organizations through solving pain points to changing behaviours”


“The SHIFT team has created an amazing environment of endless learning and at the same time helping other teams work better during times of change. I am eternally grateful for SHIFT, the amazing SHIFTers, and everything I have learned so far.”


“SHIFT allows me to constantly push my potential so that I experience both personal and professional growth week over week. I love that, in return, I am contributing to a product with a clear mission that  empowers teams throughout large organizations”


If you are eager to learn and want to make an immediate impact on a growing team we want to hear from you!

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