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What Holds People Back From Being Vulnerable At Work?

We looked back at SHIFT’s Align reports since the pandemic started to understand how the employee experience changed during this time of upheaval. Across teams who used SHIFT’s Align tool between April-June, we saw a spike in teams who said they struggled to be vulnerable in front of their colleagues. 

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Career Development Can't Stay On The Back Burner Much Longer

Career development and mentorship opportunities have largely stalled. We asked young professionals about how they’re feeling and coping with the dearth of mentorship and development opportunities at what would typically be a high growth and learning stage of their careers.

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Help Individual Contributors Before They Burn Out

Feeling stuck at home, maxing on screen time, lacking social interactions, and hitting the wall of Zoom is contributing to severe burnout. And what’s more, while burnout is rising at all levels, we found individual contributors to be 3x more likely than their managers to feel burned out right now. 

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You don’t need another Pulse Survey

Since Covid hit, our clients are telling us that they’re seeing an influx in Pulse surveys asking how they’re doing. While executives and HR leaders may like the data, we hear from staff and our users that they don’t see benefits from more frequent surveys and they simply don’t want to answer them anymore. 

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3 SHIFT insights we shared at PwC’s Rise Up

Last week, SHIFT was invited to PwC’s Rise Up Summit, a global event that showcased innovative approaches to helping companies get through the pressures of the pandemic. 

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Pick Your Team's Journey Through the Pandemic [Infographic]

To the surprise of most, the first weeks of the pandemic saw a boost in productivity. But two months in, the road is getting bumpier and teams are reaching an inflection point. 

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New Issues Emerge As Remote Work Drags On [Infographic]

Over the last few months, we have all experienced a dramatic shift in work in response to the COVID pandemic. Our new reality doesn’t respect the boundaries of work and life. Many of us are stuck at home, faced with isolation, distraction and uncertainty.‍

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A letter from our CEO

The future has rarely been more uncertain. How our lives - our family lives, our working lives, our social lives - will look one month, three months, or even a year is unpredictable.

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A Manager’s Guide To Working With A Newly Remote Team

The sudden and rapid movement to remote working has been jarring and disruptive to many teams. At first, many of our clients talked wistfully about a couple of weeks at home and the chance to skip their commutes. But as the honeymoon period wore off, excitement dwindled and struggles to adjust and thrive in the new normal started to emerge.

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Communications During the Coronavirus Crisis

In times of crisis, leaders are often faced with questions they don’t know how to answer. This problem is especially acute in the case of the covid-19 pandemic, a crisis that leaders couldn’t have anticipated, yet are now expected to have all the answers and chart a steady course.

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Remote Working is Easier Said Than Done: Lessons from China During COVID-19

In a bid to stem the spread of Covid-19, approximately 200 million people in China made the sudden switch to working from home by mid-January. Many companies cited rapid declines in productivity, while employees struggled with changing employer expectations and juggling work with homeschooling kids.

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