Our mission

Help the world work better, together.

The only constant is change.

Work is changing: teams are changing, offices are changing, culture is changing. Remote, Hybrid, digital, in person — it’s all in flux.

It's getting harder lead through this complexity - and it’s a chance to change how we work.

Shift works  every day to help leaders, teams and companies navigate these profound shifts.

Shift builds digital tools to make the best practices of the world’s best coaches and leaders available to everyone.



We focus on teams, believing that they are how work is done in the future.



We believe change is unlocked when people have better conversations.



Learning & growth is a journey, and our tools accompany every step.

Great teams are more than the sum of their parts.

The world is shifting towards a team-based way of working.

We’ve all experienced what great teams can do. In a team of alignment, of openness, of trust, of communication, you will grow more, accomplish more, and be more fulfilled.

Shift is building the only team-first set of tools, deepening trust, understanding and relationships.

Our Team

Our leadership team have worked with and advised some of the world's largest companies through transformations, and have built companies from the ground-up. Perhaps more importantly, they have seen the impact of pairing science-backed data with the best practices of expert coaches, and they're excited to support you and your teams

Parker Mitchell
Founder & CEO
Levi Goertz
Head of Client Solutions
Alex McMurray
Head of Sales & Growth
Dominik Strohmeier
Head of Product & Data
Brenna Donoghue
Head of Marketing