SHIFT helps teams thrive through change

SHIFT guides teams through change - to be agile, adopt a new culture, and adjust to new ways of working.

The world’s top companies drive change with SHIFT

A company’s ability to change has become the competitive advantage 

Lasting change depends on one thing: People

SHIFT supports teams through the big changes that drive engagement and performance. 

We help teams:

Surface what holds them back from adopting new behaviors
Accelerate adaptation with new norms, shared goals, and micro-habits
Tap into custom guidance to support your teams' specific needs
Monitor change adoption in real-time

The big SHIFT to remote work

SHIFT supports teams through the transition to remote work. While most transition plans focus on remote tooling and technology, we know that leaders and teams need to be supported through this change to a new way of working and interacting.

Right now, with the urgent and rapid move to remote work, we are supporting leaders and teams navigate this unfamiliar territory at a time of heightened stress.

How SHIFT Helps Remote Workforces

Harvard Business Review:
SHIFT revolutionizes behavior change

“SHIFT is providing executive teams with a fabric of interactive activities that emphasize mutual feedback and allow them to learn on the job while doing the work they always do.”

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Change is what we do

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