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HBR highlights SHIFT's solutions for leadership teams:

“SHIFT is providing executive teams with a fabric of interactive activities that emphasize mutual feedback and allow them to learn on the job while doing the work they always do.”

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SHIFT is a set of digital team-based
tools that help change take root

Better Transformations

SHIFT's full service-transformation platform helps you make change meaningful for every leader and employee, and track your organization's change initiative.

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Better Teams

Our tools enable leaders and team members to explore their dynamics, work better, and learn and grow together.

Better Leaders

The only way to really learn is practice. Our tools connect into any sophisticated leadership program to help your new ideas become habitual.

New tools for a new way of working

SHIFT’s unique, patented tools combine fun diagnostics, deep analytics and built-in guidance, and offer integrated solutions that managers and teams love.

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Gender Diversity: Why Progressive CEOs Will Win ‘The Future’

Parker had the pleasure of meeting Avivah in London last year and she impressed him with how easily she simplifies the complicated topic of diversity. Avivah writes and speaks on the topic of gender diversity and advises some of the world’s biggest organizations on how they can create more gender bilingual and inclusive workplaces. You can find her Ted Talks and publications at www. Avivahwittenberg-cox.com

Mind Traps: When Simple Stories Don’t Work In A Complex World

Parker first met Jennifer a decade ago and has always valued her friendship, guidance, and support. When starting SHIFT, she was a great source encouragement, even referring one of our first interns, her brilliant daughter, Naomi. Parker had the rare pleasure of sitting down for an uninterrupted hour with Jennifer to dig into theories on complexity and change, as well as the process of writing accessible books for a wide range of readers.

Teams, Teams, Teams: How Vanguard Built Its Competitive Edge

Bill McNabb, Chairman and former CEO of The Vanguard Group, shares his keys to unlocking optimal team performance, including what Fortune 500 CEOs can learn from the US Women’s Olympic Rowing Team.

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