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Shift's Digital Coach allows you to scale your change programs and support every leader.

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Shift's tools help you scale your change program, giving everyone a chance to engage, and giving you the visibility to see, track and adapt in real time.

Better Teams

Our tools enable leaders and team members to explore their dynamics, work better, and learn and grow together.

Better Leaders

The only way to really learn is practice. Our tools connect into any sophisticated leadership program to help your new ideas become habitual.

New tools for a New Way of Working

SHIFT supports teams through culture and agile transformations to culture change and all the way to remote work.

Our unique, patented tools combine fun diagnostics, deep analytics and built-in guidance, and offer integrated solutions that managers and teams love.

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Shift digital coach to help build resilient teams, foster effective teams and drive change and transformation programs

New Tools
for a New Way of Working

Our unique, patented tools combine diagnostics, deep analytics and built-in guidance, and offer integrated solutions that managers and teams love.

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Harvard Business Review.

Shift drives behavior change

“Shift is providing executive teams with a fabric of interactive activities that emphasize mutual feedback and allow them to learn on the job while doing the work they always do.”

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Based on our work with hundreds of coaches and thousands of teams, we've identified what works.

These practices are integrated into our recommendation engine, giving you expert-backed guidance based on your team's needs.

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Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA
Angela Ruggiero
4 time Olympian and Gold Medalist
Bill McNabb
Chairman, Vanguard Mutual
Ram Charan
Best Selling Author
Jennifer Garvey Berger
CEO Leadership Coach & Author
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