We help teams live a culture of growth, together.

With team diagnostic and conversation tools, personal growth plans, learning-based feedback and more, we help a whole team live a culture of growth, together.

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Shift perspective

Accelerate Team Trust

Use ShiftPerspective to accelerate team trust, cohesion and effectiveness when you better understand one another.

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Shift's digital coaching tools help global companies scale people and change programs while supporting every leader.

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See why Shift has been chosen by leading companies to help enable global change programs.

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"The Align team exercise is brilliant. The tool enables a team to immediately grasp their most important challenges, based on their own input. It is perhaps the most thrifty change management tool for teams I’ve ever seen—creating a big impact in very little time."

Tom Penningroth
Transformation Lead

"We're trying to get leaders to lead. Shift gives them the confidence to have critical conversations with their teams. We've now had over half of our 3000+ company to use Shift to do just that."

Rachel M. Moore
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

"Everyone is being tested right now, but the stronger your team foundations, the better you are to handle what comes down the road, even if you can't predict it. Shift helps us get the foundations right."

Matthew Petrilla
Head of Team Intelligence,

“We need our teams and leaders to have accessible ways to improve how well they perform together. Shift creates a data driven and well structured way for teams to diagnose their issues, and come up with solutions.”

Michael Hill Ph.D.
Director of Integrated Talent Management, Applied Materials

"I've used Shift for my last 3 Leadership Teams. It's a great way to kick off a team, identify our collective strengths and blind spots, and make sure everyone works well together."

Eric Monteiro
SVP, Chief Client Experience Officer
Sun Life Financial

Build outperforming

Teams are the new way of working - whether they are intact, cross-functional, project or other types of team. Shift is the only team-focused digital platform that coaches any leaders to lead any type of teams, better.

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Scale your transformation and watch it succeed

Whether it's becoming Agile, adopting a new culture or adjusting to new ways of working, transformations succeed when people adopt new mindsets & behaviors. Shift's customizable change platform helps you ensure your transformation scales, and succeeds.

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Support the transition to Hybrid

The biggest change right now is managing the transition to hybrid. If you get it right, can we a magnet for talent. Learn how Shift will help your managers make this transition with our Hybrid-focused digital solutions.

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Hear from leading experts

From NASA to McKinsey, Vanguard to Olympic Gold Medalists, we’ve tapped into some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on teams and transformations.